Simon Angelo is an inspirational speaker on achieving financial freedom and opportunities to grow and protect wealth.

He has his finger on the pulse of the financial, economic and market events that can impact you and your family. This experience comes from working at what is probably New Zealand's only late night trading desk, accessing the global markets 4 nights a week. From working for the world's first regulated Bitcoin fund in Europe. And from his time in the offshore hedge fund industry.

Simon has been a value investor in share markets from the age of 17. A self-described 'professional scrounger' he can help your audience understand opportunity and where it may emerge next.

Here are some presentation topics Simon has recently covered for audiences:

Why Our Economy Is Failing and How You Can Protect Your Wealth

• What isn't the mainstream media telling you?
• Which way is the global economy going?
• What is the outlook for real estate?
• Can you achieve financial freedom?
• Can you future-proof yourself with passive income?
• Can you build a strong and diversified portfolio of assets?
• Can you protect generational wealth for your children and grandchildren?

Could You Make Work Optional by Investing Smart?

Learn how to build financial security and gain the freedom to choose your own path. Have more options around work, follow your interests and passions, choose more time with your family, or travel and see the world. This is valuable financial education for those approaching retirement, starting out, building up, or wanting a richer cruise through life.

Here's what you will learn:
• How do you start out building a lean, mean wealth-generative machine?
• What do you need to retire comfortably?
• How can you use debt to your advantage rather than detriment?
• How can you grow your net worth?
• How can you drive growth and income in 2024 and beyond?
• Why the new global investing environment is creating opportunity like never before and where we see opportunity.

Is This Your Biggest Money Mistake?

This is your chance to join other mum-and-dad investors. No lectures. No presentations. Just an honest sharing of views.
We're going to discuss the current inflationary spiral and the threats and opportunities that could create:
• How far will central banks have to play 'catch-up' — and what does that mean for investors?
• Where can you invest to protect your wealth?
• Where can you gain solid income and try to keep abreast of pernicious inflation and galloping interest rates?
• What's the future outlook for markets — and which sectors could outperform?

Note: All topics are of a general nature only and are not intended to give any financial or investment advice. Please consult an authorised Financial Advice Provider for assistance with your own specific situation.